Make calls

  • With regular mobile or landline use call-through access on personal or public international numbers followed by the destination number.

  • Connected your softphones direct to DiVACARD.NET over internet.
    Available for PC, iPhone, Android.  OUR TIP: Lynphone

  • Callback - is an alternative way to use DiVACARD.NET

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Recieve calls

Get your own number in any part of the world and forward it to any destination you wish.

  • Fax2email (free)
  • Voiebox2email (free)
  • Softphone-SIP (free)
  • Any mobile or landline number over
    World Wide Lowprice Network

Make calls without registration

Its also possible to call over DiVACARD.NET without registration.

For purchase contact your local communication center.

Help / Support / Contact

Hotline Mo.-Fr.
09:00-21:00 +02:00 CET

+49 30 868 709 754

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For partners

in development
  • Become an agent
  • Check the state of divacard by PIN
  • Top-Up account by Callerid

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